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The Public Health Company (PHC) delivers trusted biorisk management expertise at speed and scale through our Pharos Platform. Enterprises rely on our software-based solution to understand and track biosecurity risks to protect their assets and people, maintain business continuity and protect employee safety.

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Why PHC?

The world has changed. The frequency and severity of biorisks has increased, compounded by disease events, climate events, and infrastructure fragility. Business leaders today must track developing events and know what controls to put in place to protect their employees and assets across large geographic footprints. Without near-real-time intelligence and expertise, these intersecting biorisks can disrupt business and threaten economic security.

PHC’s Pharos Platform answers four questions in key areas for enterprise security and risk management:

  • Early Warning: What biorisk events are occurring and what is their directionality?

  • Ambient Risk: What risks could these events pose to our assets and people?

  • Available Controls: What control options do we have and when should we implement them?

  • Benchmarking: What control options are my peers considering or implementing?

What we do

PHC’s Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML)-powered predictive analytics software and domain expertise give a competitive advantage to our customers. In a rapidly changing world, businesses can no longer rely on historical data and best guesses to manage their risk. PHC aggregates diverse data and surfaces early signals to predict directionality of developing events with confidence.

Identify biorisks early

PHC sources vast amounts of direct and proxy data from a variety of global sources, applies artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze the data, and surfaces early warnings tailored to customers’ assets and people.

Assess control options

Drawing on its biorisk expertise, PHC provides contextual recommendations, guidance and control options to mitigate risk to business continuity. 

Up-to-date risk assessments

PHC assesses threat levels of each biorisk complete with near-real-time information and expert confidence levels.

Rely on expert guidance

We are world-class experts working with AI/ML-centric intelligence, aimed at empowering enterprise.

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Probability of another COVID-19 sized pandemic within 10 years

Global biorisks are increasing in frequency and impact

Active biorisk management is new to most companies, but mitigating that risk is like making sure your network is secure from malicious hackers. And it involves the vigilance of your entire workforce, just like cybersecurity does. To manage this ongoing enterprise risk, you need near-real-time, trusted and actionable intelligence. You need the PHC Pharos Platform.

What is biorisk?

Biorisks are physical world threats. These intersect, impacting workforce planning, inventory and supply chain planning and business continuity. Examples include:
  • Infectious disease events such as winter respiratory viruses, Ebola outbreaks, and norovirus (stomach flu) seasonality
  • Environmental events such as heat waves, air quality problems, and flooding
  • Infrastructure events such as electrical grid outages, hospital evacuations and boil water notices
  • Geopolitical events such as refugee movement, civil unrest, and war

How we help

PHC combines a scalable Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform with world-class experts to keep you one step ahead

You need to know about risks to your business. PHC can identify evolving threats to employee productivity and continuity of operations. With our experts and technology, PHC can also forecast the risk of employee absenteeism. When you know what threats are imminent, you can act.

PHC provides rapid, actionable and trusted intelligence to help enterprises and large organizations manage biorisks in order to protect employee safety, business continuity and economic security.

A powerful solution helps you stay protected

Multiple time zones, teams that work both remotely and in-person, and the challenges that come from keeping everyone safe and productive—you need solutions that fit your scale. The PHC Pharos Platform is available to your security teams wherever they are, no matter what your corporate structure is.

Standard biorisk monitoring

With PHC’s standard program, you have access to global risk monitoring through the PHC Pharos Platform. Our expert analysis provides you with actionable recommendations. Intelligence includes:
  • Early warning and identification of threats around the world
  • Empowering teams to manage absenteeism with up-to-date
    risk assessments
  • Providing guidance on relevant biorisks

Enterprise biorisk management

With PHC’s enterprise biorisk management solution, you will have access to our experts helping you develop overall preparedness plans, risk controls and policies. You also have access to:
  • Global risk nowcasts and forecasts
  • Expert advice and support
  • Employee communications and guidance tools
  • Preparedness planning and risk disclosure reports

PHC delivers timely access to experts and their advice

PHC experts are readily available to help answer your questions about biorisks and what threats they pose to your assets.
From the PHC Pharos Platform to resources on our website to push alerts about emerging biorisks, our team of experts is ready to provide the help you need when you need it.

PHC helps you understand the biorisks you face — and helps you develop the strategies to respond.

The Public Health Company

PHC provides rapid, actionable and trusted intelligence to help enterprises and large organizations manage biorisks. We help teams protect employee safety, business continuity and economic security. Built and supported by our team of experts, the PHC Pharos Platform aggregates data from multiple sources and determines risks to employees and other assets in a variety of situations.

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