Protecting Humankind & Capital

PHC Global offers definitive proprietary biosecurity intelligence, expertly integrated into the Esri platform. We harnesses the power of advanced AI technology and expert analysis to deliver exceptionally accurate and relevant biothreat data. Our seamless integration into Esri empowers users with actionable insights for proactive risk management to protect your organization’s humankind and capital.

Discover PHC Global at the Esri User Conference

PHC Global protects humankind and capital with our proprietary biosecurity intelligence. PHC’s Esri integration empowers users with accessible, actionable biothreat data.

Visit us at Booth Z18 to take the first step in staying ahead of biosecurity threats.

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Booth Z18

Meet The Team

Janice McCarty

VP, Corporate Security & Intelligence

Matt Holmes

Head of Commercial Strategy

Shane Johnson

Director, Global Threat Intelligence

Matthew Summers

Matthew Summers

VP, Engineering

Michael Smith

Principal Software Engineer

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