PHC Perspectives

Discover the captivating stories behind PHC’s journey through the words of our own staff members or authors featuring
our remarkable team, as we proudly present a collection of books that chronicle our history and accomplishments.

The Premonition

Michael Lewis’ book tells the tale of heroes who worked against official disregard to protect people during the COVID-19 pandemic. He profiles Dr. Charity Dean, then a local public-health officer, who is one of the first to recognize the beginning of the pandemic, and whose work uncovers some uncomfortable truths about American society. He also introduces Dr. Carter Mecher and Joe DeRisi, two members of a team of doctors that has all the tools to fight the pandemic – except official authorization.

Lessons from the COVID War

Dr. Charity Dean, as a leader in the California Department of Public Health, saw the COVID-19 pandemic coming before the leaders of formal systems did. As she struggled to make a difference, she learned key lessons and saw the need for new systems that operate in real time. In the book, Lessons from the COVID War, Dr. Dean shares the lessons she learned during the pandemic and is joined by Dr. Carter Mecher and 32 other writers to explore how to improve biorisk assessment and response in the future.

These books are available at your favorite book seller.

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