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ProMED, An Early Warning System on Disease Outbreaks, is in Peril

We at PHC were saddened to learn that the future of ProMED-mail is in jeopardy. ProMED has been an enduring online network for distributing early warnings of infectious disease events since 1994.

Used extensively by fellow public health experts, ProMED provides cross-checked raw intelligence on infectious disease developments. ProMED provided some of the first signals for SARS in 2003 and COVID-19 in 2019. Our PHC epidemiologists, infectious disease doctors, veterinarians, and public health practitioners are among the thousands of long time readers and contributors to ProMED. This collective labor of love by our colleagues and friends around the world has furthered global health security for almost three decades.

PHC perspectives

It is more imperative than ever for the world to have early warning disease intelligence. We’ve taken this imperative personally and dedicated ourselves to it. We stand with our public sector and academic partners, including ProMED, as part of an interconnected web to protect public health. The greater the diversity of partners and solutions, the more resilient global health security becomes for all.

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