PHC Pharos puts bio-intelligence at your fingertips

Your job is to protect employee safety, business continuity and economic security in your company – no matter the threat. And the risk of biological threats is escalating significantly, adding a new area of concern to your portfolio. PHC Pharos is the answer you’ve been waiting for. As a SaaS platform, PHC Pharos provides the intelligence you need to assess your risk and take action.

Anatomy of PHC Pharos

PHC Pharos is the brainchild of some of the most accomplished experts in the world. Professionals in epidemiology, microbiology, public health, data science, and technology provide you with a comprehensive platform to help you manage biorisk for your organization.
  • Be in the know with location-specific risk assessments customized to your assets.
  • Be first to know with near-real-time PHC Headlines combined with our expert perspectives and predictions.
  • Get notified with configurable alerts and recommendations when your risk changes.
  • Manage your risk with shared visibility on risk, decisions and actions – from management to CEO.
  • Make decisions with a clear menu of choices and the impacts they would have.
  • Take action by tracking changing situations at multiple locations, simultaneously around the world.
  • Stay one step ahead with templates for policies and procedures, communication tools and more.
  • Benchmark against others to ensure effective responses to biorisks.

PHC Pharos helps you maintain employee confidence, continue operations, manage travel and events, and reduce absenteeism. It also provides guidance for these critical components, as well as forecasts the risk of employee absenteeism due to biorisks.

PHC Pharos offers early warnings and practical guidance

You need to know what’s happening in time to take action. We provide near-real-time updates through the PHC Pharos platform. It answers four questions in key areas for enterprise security and risk management:

  • Early Warning: What biorisk events are occurring and what is their directionality?
  • Ambient Risk: What risks could these events pose to our assets and people?
  • Available Controls: What control options do we have and when should we implement them?
  • Benchmarking: What control options are my peers considering or implementing?

PHC Pharos in Action

PHC Pharos helps you:

  • Understand breaking news We follow the headlines, assess threats and push recommendations to you through the PHC Pharos Platform. You’ll know when breaking news matters – and when it doesn’t.
  • Follow developments in multiple locations PHC Pharos lets you monitor all of the locations that matter to your business.
  • Forecast absenteeism You can’t operate without your staff. PHC Pharos forecasts the absenteeism rate for your locations.
  • Rate biorisks for large gatherings and events PHC Pharos can alert you to emerging biorisks at your events and large gatherings and suggest the best course of action.

Want to know how today’s biorisks affect you?

PHC Headlines gives you expert analysis of current news. We push analysis to you through the PHC Pharos Platform, including directionality and ambient risk. You’ll know when breaking news about global biorisks matters to your enterprise — and when it doesn’t.

PHC helps you understand the threats you face — and helps you develop the strategies to respond.

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