PHC Global Launches its ‘Global Threat Tracker’ to Provide Early Warning of Worldwide Biothreats

PALO ALTO, Calif. – November 14, 2023

PHC Global announced today the launch of its new Global Threat Tracker to provide early warning of biological threats, such as infectious disease outbreaks, to enterprise companies around the world.

As part of PHC Global’s Pharos Platform, the Global Threat Tracker displays current biorisk threat levels and alerts for each customer’s unique list of locations. As the threat level rises at any location, the alerts change color providing high-risk warnings at a glance.

Monitored locations can be grouped by asset type or location, making it easier to track assets such as warehouses, retail locations, factories or offices. Users can filter multiple data sources, such as COVID, Influenza, RSV or respiratory illnesses, to track multiple risks.

PHC Global Founder and CEO Dr. Charity Dean said, “On any given day, our customers are managing the safety of thousands of employees, as well as offices, warehouses and retail locations. We monitor and assess global biorisks and provide early warning signals, actionable intelligence and recommendations to help them protect their businesses.”

Although global biorisks are increasing in frequency and scale, active biorisk management is new to most companies. PHC Global helps manage this ongoing enterprise risk by answering three questions:

  • Early Warning: What biorisk events are occurring and what is their directionality?
  • Risk Levels: What risks could these events pose to our assets and people?
  • Available Controls: What control options do we have and when should we implement them?

‍About The Public Health Company

PHC Global provides global biorisk intelligence for businesses around the world to help teams protect employee safety, business continuity and economic security. Enterprise risk officers, security teams, executives and operations teams routinely find they need centralized, trusted intelligence to respond promptly to the biological and physical risks that can erupt around the globe. PHC Global provides that intelligence.

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