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We have curated a wide range of resources on a variety of topics surrounding biorisk and biosecurity. Our resources include articles, reports, infographics, videos and other materials.

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Biorisk is the cybersecurity

Why Biosecurity Is The New Cybersecurity

Adapting to a rapidly changing landscape is essential to risk management. Rising concerns about cybersecurity have elevated it from a niche concern to a board-level …

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GlobalThreat Updated

Global Threats Are In Our Past – And In Our Future

We live in interesting times. Disruptions – whether manmade or natural – appear with regularity. We usually cope by focusing on the issues directly in …

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Does COVID Increase Your Risk for Later Infections

Does COVID Increase Your Risk for Later Infections?

If you suffered and recovered from COVID in the past few years, you might wonder if it increases your risk of other infections. Patients are …

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3 Reasons You Can’t Wait For The Next Pandemic To Prepare

3 Reasons Pandemic Preparedness Can’t Wait

As a senior security leader working during the recent pandemic, you know how difficult responding to the crisis was. And you aren’t alone in your …

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Is Your Enterprise Biorisk Aware

Is Your Enterprise Biorisk Aware?

As a senior security leader, you’re concerned about all the risks your enterprise faces, but how aware of biorisks – especially those affecting humans – …

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Why It’s Smart to Add Biorisks to Your Risk Portfolio Today

Why It’s Time to Add Biorisks to Your Risk Portfolio Today

Is biorisk on your radar yet? If not, you might have a significant gap in your risk portfolio. You know the risk landscape in today’s …

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Biorisk Briefs

Biorisks Briefs are issued to alert our readers to developing events around the world. When Biorisk Briefs are published, the threat levels of the events they cover are still rather low but are serious enough to warrant observation. This is another way PHC keeps you informed about biorisk around the world.


PHC whitepapers give you in-depth information about wide-ranging topics from infectious disease and public health to genomic epidemiology. Our experts share their knowledge with you, providing you an insider’s view of important topics.


Step into the visual world of PHC Infographics, where complex information about biorisks is transformed into captivating visual representations, making it accessible and engaging for everyone.


Welcome to PHC Guides where we explore how to manage and mitigate biorisks in various settings.


PHC videos are available on demand to help you learn more about biorisk and PHC.

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