Mike Sullivan

PHC Advisor

Mike Sullivan led a global team deeply committed to protecting the safety of those who interface with Uber across the 70+ countries and 10K+ cities in which they operate. He is the head of a high-caliber group of 100+ former attorneys, law enforcement professionals, military, intelligence officers, data scientists, and product engineers, bringing extensive and wide-ranging experience in public safety operations, counterterrorism, insider threat assessment, data privacy, global governance, risk management, technology innovation, and business continuity. 

Before joining Uber, Sullivan spent 14 years with the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office, first prosecuting violent crimes then with our white collar group working on high-profile investigations involving public corruption, high-technology crimes, money laundering, and major fraud. Sullivan is a recognized subject matter expert on data privacy and have been engaged by the FBI, Secret Service, the National Computer Forensics Institute, and various state law enforcement associations to deliver instructional workshops and seminars on the acquisition and use of digital evidence in criminal investigations.


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