PHC Intelligence Helps Manage Biorisks That Affect Your Enterprise

Intelligence from PHC and its experts helps customers solve some of their most pressing problems. From protecting employee health and safety to planning business travel, our use cases can demonstrate how PHC can help your team manage biorisks threatening your enterprise.

Employee Health and Safety Management

Protect Employee Health and Safety

Your employees are your greatest asset, and PHC helps protect them with information about biorisks where they live and work.

PHC helps answer your questions, such as:

• Is it safe for my employees to report to work?
• How can we protect employee health at work?
• Can I stay in operation or should I shut down?

Early Warning and Threat Assessment

Early Warnings Make All the Difference

The single greatest wish of senior security leaders in enterprise
companies is to have early warning about threats. Advance warning
gives companies valuable time to execute plans and protect people
and property before events become disasters. It can be the key to
successfully managing a threat.

Company Policy and Communication Management

Construct and Communicate Effective Company Policies

Working across several time zones, working from home and managing the residual effects of threats are three new challenges for company policies. Are your policies current? Are they flexible enough to serve your company and its employees well? PHC can help you review and revise your policies, and then communicate the changes to your workforce.

Event and Travel Planning

Send Your Team Out Safely

Is it safe to travel? Is it safe to gather? Changes in threat levels can affect your ability to move your staff, customers and suppliers around the world. You need to know if threat levels are increasing or decreasing before you put people at risk. PHC can provide the information you need to assess the threat and take timely action.

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