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As a leader in your industry, you need biorisk intelligence that helps you protect employee safety, business continuity and economic security from emerging threats. At PHC, we analyze incoming data and present recommendations that include our assessment of the threat level, our confidence in the raw data and alerts that give you early warning about developing problems. Businesses in a wide range of industries use our intelligence to guide their crisis responses, and we deliver our recommendations with options that meet you where you are – through an API that integrates with existing security management systems, a stand-alone SaaS platform called Pharos, and with expert consultations
Here’s how we help:


Biological threats can have catastrophic impacts on financial systems around the world. The COVID-19 pandemic is only the latest example of how infectious diseases can disrupt global markets, and experts warn that these threats will increase in frequency and severity in the coming years. PHC provides intelligence that centers on individual locations so you can respond in specific ways.

Information Technology

Your company’s workforce may be scattered across time zones, and they may work in remote teams or in-person onces. Wherever they are, your job is to keep everyone safe and productive. PHC gives you location-specific information to help you manage your teams around the world.


When biological threats shut down a manufacturing facility or close a warehouse, the supply chain can grind to a halt – ultimately affecting everyone. PHC provides information about global threats, but also warnings about specific locations to help you anticipate when threats approach.


Planning for disruption across hundreds or thousands of retail locations is a daunting task. PHC allows you to track individual retail locations and distribution centers so that you can respond to them specifically during a crisis.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, prices for oil and gas dropped precipitously. Renewable energy developers struggled to complete projects because of supply chain issues and construction delays. Others in the power sector upgraded their contingency plans to keep the lights on. When disaster threatens, intelligence from PHC is a key tool in helping guide emergency planning and execution because it reports on both exigent problems and those that are developing.

Other Essential Industries

Almost all industries can apply PHC’s intelligence to their risk management plans. PHC combines expert advice and analysis with straightforward reporting to help senior security leaders guide their crisis response. If you have employees and other assets anywhere in the world, you need to know what’s coming. PHC can deliver curated alerts and information via a stand-alone platform, an API or directly from our experts.

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